Volt Markets - Blockchain & Renewable Energy
Volt Markets is a renewable energy credit (REC) issuance, tracking, and trading platform. It is driven by smart contracts on a blockchain that is more secure, transparent, and efficient than existing systems. Volt Markets are bridging energy and capital markets to distributed ledger technology in order to streamline the distribution, tracking and trading of energy.
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Volt Markets disintermediates traditional energy markets and enables monitoring, managing, originating and trading energy and energy attributes in a peer-to-peer market on the Ethereum blockchain.

Self-Upgrading Contracts In Our Platform:

Disintermediate energy markets for the benefit of power producers, consumers and regulators

Open global markets to new asset classes

Ensure regulatory compliance

Volt Markets is an energy origination, tracking, and trading platform.. It is driven by smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain, which is more secure, transparent and efficient than existing systems. We are using blockchain technology to streamline the distribution, tracking and trading of energy.


We aim to achieve optimal smart grid efficiency by leveraging blockchain-enabled IoT to disintermediate power markets with a peer-to-peer decentralized exchange for energy and energy attributes. We strive to create a new paradigm where energy is traded on a global market and new asset classes emerge to fit the specific needs of generators, consumers and regulators.

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We want people and companies to benefit from our platform by empowering them with self-determinable levels of energy control, greater flexibility for transmission and distribution grids, enabling self-supply with non-renewable and renewable energy control system implementations.Cryptocurrency mining process expenditures are associated with equipments, mining centers,work force, and electricity. Some people use profit revolution methods to mine faster, and are always looking for, cost effective reliable electricity .

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